07.10.2012 – 12.10.2012

Our adventure started with the examination of the self-check-in desks at Frankfurt airport. The promising time-saving aspect turned out not to be true. Sure, they were able to print out our tickets quicker than at the desk, but they couldn’t offer a short cut for our luggage.
Anyway, it was not like we were running late, but be still had enough time at our hands to spend over an hour exploring the shops all around.
Following up was boarding, flying, eating a little snack and landing safely in the UK.
We were all already prepared for an underground trip to the hotel, but what we didn’t know was what was awaiting us. The tube (of course) was not prepared to care a group of travelers and their luggage, but this didn’t really matter. We managed hoping to arrive quickly at the hotel with our beds awaiting us. Arriving at out underground destination we still had to survive the remaining meters to the hotel. But which way to choose? What was the right, and more importantly, the shortest direction to the hotel? Of course there was an easy solution to the problem, something (nearly) every modern teenager has in his or her pocket: a web-enabled mobile phone.
But what is modern technic without its faults? Human. (I’m kidding.)
It’s just telling us to have some more physical activity. 😉
At the end we arrived at the hotel (with a short detour).
Now the big surprise was coming up. We had nice clean and orange painted rooms without any mould. They even had windows. So why complain…? Well.. are you expecting to fit in the room together with your suitcase? If so, you might end up disappointed. Sadly most of the suitcases did not fit under the bed where they were expected to end up. They ended up covering the floor trying (not) to impede the door and ourselves. This rule (of course) didn’t apply to all rooms, but complaining wouldn’t be as much fun if one wouldn’t exaggerate a little.
Not being able to stay out till the next morning (or even a „little“ late) we were looking for something to complain about. The rooms and the shared showers (unisex/girls/boys) were practical handed on our plate. Some rumours about other groups were adding fuel to the fire.
But enough about the bad aspects. We didn’t spend our trip sulking in the tiny hotel rooms. We (actually) went out in the big city of London!
Typical tourist activities like sightseeing were at the top of our list. Big Ben, Westminster Abby, Hyde Park/Speakers Corner, London Bridge, the Museum of London, Tate Modern, National Art Gallery, Camden Town/Stabels Market and much more.
The remaining time was filled with some time to explore the city ourselves. Shopping got its fair share as well as looking for good well-behaved students who were waiting where they were lost.
Like always there came the time to say good-bye. A little sad, glad and maybe a little tired we packed our old and new acquired belongings in our suitcases ready to end our journey.
Did we learn anything beside the cultural aspects we acquired at our educational trip? Well, at the end everybody knows the best him- or herself if the trip brought him/her forward in life.
Fact is. It was a good chance to talk to people who have learnt English as their mother tongue. What everyone has made of it is their own cup of tea.

Martina Schindler, Tut Spr

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